nekoworkshop 由資深製作人所組成的團隊,多年來在跨界別媒體中提供市場推廣、廣告方案、項目顧問、活動統籌及咨詢工作等服務在大中華地區建立了全方位的網絡,2016年開展亞洲區業務,與越南,泰國及日本等地媒體及企業緊密合作,統籌及發展不同界別項目,現正籌備發展歐美地區,希望把各地資源結合,成為一個新的資源平台,以下是我們最新的日本、歐美及中國團隊組合及服務簡介。

nekoworkshop is a one-stop marketing service provider with businesses focused in Greater China and Asia Pacific.  We design solutions organically which enable corporations to better inform, entertain, motivate, recognize and sell to their target audiences. Our multi-disciplinary capabilities are anchored by a team of seasoned executives with years of experience in integrated marketing communications strategy.  Our services include branding consultation and strategic marketing solutions, advertising planning and productions, character and animation licensing, events management and productions.  



AiSS, an all-round entertainment and content creation agency in Japan.  Our extensive network in local television stations, animation companies and publishers, allow us to provide sustainable and successful marketing solutions to clients in both Japan and overseas. From concept to production, our versatile team consists of experienced creative directors, content writers, video producers, camera crews, video editors, graphic designers and animators. We also have access to a full complement of professional video systems and shooting equipment.

S A K E  D I R E C T
酒粋 清酒案內所


Our Kikisakeshi and Certified Sake Professional sharing the joy of sake through tasting and pairing, latest sake stories and trends, workshops and events. 



Based in Shenzhen, our business spreads across Mainland China.  Established by a group of experienced media professionals, we are aiming to provide tailored advertising consultations to our clients to maximize product exposures in China through efficient advertising strategies, online and offline communications solutions.


冬季來臨了,我們與日本西武集團旗下王子酒店(PRINCE HOTEL) 夥伴推出滑雪渡假優惠,今年首推二個滑雪渡假酒店、日本人氣第一的滑雪場苗場王子/Naeba Prince 及坐擁日本罕有高山溫泉的萬座王子/Manza Prince ,這次優惠希望能與網絡旅遊媒體、滑雪群組及滑雪粉們合作推動滑雪樂趣,不久將來會推出更加多優惠與大家分享,詳情請參閱 及電郵查詢